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Clients who have benefited from our methodology and individual skillsets

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Our Client Stories

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Featured Case Studies

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Amajoya, a leading candy manufacturer in South Africa, recently completed a year-long transformation journey. The company marked this milestone with its second YOUnite workshop, aimed at celebrating
achievements, recognising challenges and strength-ening team alignment. The whole business attended this one-day event, making it a powerful “uniting experience” that engaged the hearts and minds of every employee.

Designed in partnership with 2Collborate, YOUnite 2.0 built on the success of various initiatives implemented over the past year, including Strategy Map alignment, Values workshops, Leadership Development
and the rollout of a Team Performance Methodology.

CLICK HERE to get a taste of the big impact that comes from aligning a team, engaging them effectively and setting a shared course for the future. 

Rectron We Women.png

In line with their revitalised culture and values, Rectron's strap line, Pursue Excellence, is at the heart of their business and everything they do.

Women's Month was the ideal time for them to acknowledge and celebrate their women’s pursuit of excellence.

Our journey with Rectron (see below) coupled with our Diversity, Equity, Engagement Inclusion and Belonging (DEEIB) expertise, positioned 2Collaborate as the ideal partners to deliver a series of inspiring 2-hour sessions for their women, around the country.

CLICK HERE to read the inspiring story and it's impact.

Amajoya cover.jpg

Amajoya produces candies and toffees of exceptional quality.  The sudden passing of Dr Lamprecht, the founder, disrupted the business. The team needed to 'reset' and build a critical mass of understanding and commitment among its people.

YOUnite was the perfect package for their needs.


CLICK HERE to read more about the 'uniting' impact this powerful change-readiness and engagement tool had on the business and how it enhanced the trust, commitment, teamwork and performance.

Rectron is a dynamic, innovative and rapidly growing South African ICT company. Rapid growth highlighted the need for a 'behavioural blueprint' underpinned by shared Values.

Wanting to make their people part of the conversation, we developed a comprehensive, collaborative process, underpinned by our
high-performance formula. It included strategy development, values workshops, leadership development and staff engagement.

CLICK HERE for more on the journey and it's impact. 

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