The effective development of first-line leaders is key to business success.

Often managing complex and challenging workforces, most first-line leaders are  ill-equipped for their roles.
This is ironic as they play a critical role as the conduit between strategy, management goals and execution.


iLEAD helps first line leaders to shift their perceptions of :

themselves, their roles, what they value, how they spend their time and how they engage with and influence others. 

iLead blended learning journey modules

Key differentiators

Manager Involvement & Support

  • Managers are orientated to the learning journey

  • We provide them with an overview of the modules

  • They receive a full learning experience of the personal and interpersonal skills modules

Blended learning

  • We structure the blend according to your needs

  • This ‘lightens’ scheduling and logistics and ensures scalability. 


  • Growth Projects are aligned to actual responsibilities

  • Projects are debriefed and learnings embedded in Coaching Circles