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How do we create value?

Our high-performance model translates strategy into action by creating a culture of collaboration where focused, aligned and competent leaders and teams excel in executing processes to win in the marketplace and workplace. 

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Aligned Direction

Strategic alignment is a critical enabler in creating a culture of collaboration.

Every role player in the business needs to have a crystal clear understanding of:

  • where the business is going,

  • what they are responsible for,

  • what their outputs are and

  • how success is measured

This combination of unified direction and alignment to common goals creates focus.

Our Aligned Direction Services include:

Aligned Direction

Visible and Engaging Leadership

Leaders who are skilled, competent and visible are vital to creating the desired culture in the business. 

All leaders need to:

  • be focused and aligned,

  • be visible and felt,

  • walk the talk and 

  • live the values.

These behaviours create high levels of engagement and willingness in the teams that they lead.

Our Visible and Engaging Leadership Services include:

  • Leadership Culture, Cohesion and Depth

  • Leadership and Management Capability Building

  • Executive and Management Coaching

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Visible and Engaging Leadership

Engaged Teams that Execute

HPF Teams.png

Engaged and effective teams are essential for high-performance.

To be effective, individual team members need Confidence, Competence and a Commitment to Contribute.

Collectively, teams require a clear understanding of their goals and contribution to the bigger picture. They also need an effective team methodology that delivers structured, regular and meaningful team dialogue and enables team cohesiveness.

Together, these capabilities result in focused, willing people with the ability to executea powerful force.

Our Engaged Teams that Execute Services include:

  • Individual Effectiveness and Performance - YOUnite

  • Team Cohesiveness, Effectiveness and Performance - TeamConnect ®

Enaged teams
Process Excellence

Process Excellence

Putting the customer at the heart of what we do is the lifeblood of a high-performing business.

This requires a clear understanding of the voice of customer, translated into well-defined processes to deliver our customers' requirements in the most cost-effective and efficient way.

These processes need to be understood, and people need to be competent to execute them flawlessly.

The mindset and skillset of continuous improvement and innovation of processes and products to improve choice, cost, quality, speed and service are vital.

Our Process  Services include:

  • Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement

  • Quality and Service Process Execution

  • Customer Centricity

HPF Process Excellence.png
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Our Enablers

Our contribution to your business in each of the four elements in our High-Performance Formula is enhanced by four key areas of expertise and capability:

Our Enablers

Our Internal Branding Capability

Creating a powerful emotional connection between your business, brand, and your employees is vital to their understanding and living your brand vision and promise. 

Clever internal branding can capture employees hearts and minds, growing acceptance and building pride and engagement.

Elevate, our design and internal communications agency, conceptualises and delivers immersive and memorable experiences to instil your brand internally. These brand strategies create passionate, loyal employees equipped to deliver exceptional customer experiences.



Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.

- Sheryl Sandberg

Internal Branding

Our Change Management Approach


Organisational change is pervasive. 

Whether it’s a new system or process, culture change initiative, restructuring, an acquisition or a merger, successful change is dependent on buy-in and support across the business.

Using an innovative combination of the well known ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation) and ADKAR (Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement) models -  our approach is structured and comprehensive, ensuring the change is as seamless as possible with minimal disruption to the business.

Change Management

Our Blended Learning Solutions

Our solutions deliver fresh and engaging

learning experiences to boost your workplace


Our blended learning journeys are designed

to focus, align and unleash potential for high-performance. We’ll match key content pillars from

our dynamic High-Performance Formula to ensure

a practical and customised solution that meets

your needs.

Underpinned by multidisciplinary expertise and

design capability, our integrated solutions will be

designed to suit your learning culture and achieve

sustainable results.

Blended Model.png
Blended Learning

Powered by WhatsApp, this AI-powered

communication platform enables fast,

effective two-way internal communication.


Our online learning platform enables powerful,

blended and online learning. Outstanding instructional

and graphic design capability ensure learning journeys

(ours or yours) that deliver sustainable results.

Our Technology

Digital technologies provide enormous possibilities for

learning and development, employee and customer

intimacy, enhanced efficiencies, performance and

collaboration. We are passionate about providing our

clients with the best experiences and platforms.


An immersive virtual space that simulates

‘real-world’ events for your online meetings,

conferences and events. Tables, floors and buildings

ensure scalable, yet highly engaging and memorable


A powerful employee engagement platform to build,
measure and sustain a thriving company culture.

Our Technology
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Our Collaborators

Our network of best-in-class collaborators ensures our capability to meet and exceed our clients' needs.

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Our Collaborators
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