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The business case for fostering diversity, equity, engagement, inclusion and belonging is stronger than ever.

Globally, companies are facing a talent retention crisis as employees seek different workplace experiences and opportunities following the pandemic.

Against this backdrop, it is critical that employees experience a sense of belonging. They are far more likely to stay committed and bring their best to work when they do.

There are a whole lot of ways to talk about diversity, equity and inclusion and it goes by many names. Our formula is based on five key components:


Our Approach

Establish, articulate and communicate your organisation’s approach to DEEI<B:

  • Establish your strategy: set ‘a sense of belonging’ as a strategic outcome

  • Identify your key DEEI<B focus areas

  • Align your policy framework

  • Establish goals and targets for each component of DEEI<B that forms part of individual scorecards

  • Position belonging as a business imperative to sensitise leaders and help them understand their role in cultivating a climate of belonging

  • Design implementation and change management methods.

DEEIB Approach.png
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