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Most organisations struggle to execute their strategy through effective teamwork.


TeamConnect® is a tried and trusted methodology used by leaders of teams to build the desired culture and to ensure that teams execute their work. It makes use of structured team meetings as well as on the job coaching and mentoring.

This highly effective methodology :

  • Drives a strong focus on performance and behaviour accountability

  • Equips leaders to engage, facilitate and coach

  • Has a clear sequence  - Review, Set Goals, Ensure Team Fitness, Execute.

  • Builds highly effective work habits and team disciplines.

Key differentiators
  1. Used at all levels of the organisation

  2. Every meeting focusses on living the values and performance goals

  3. Provides continuous improvement cycle:
    review, goal setting, action planning and team health.

  4. Facilitates on the job coaching and mentoring

  5. Increases effectiveness of functional, cross-functional and process teams

  6. User-friendly tools ensure context, aligned goals, action planning and accountability, knowledge building, escalation of unresolved issues, capturing new ideas and living the values

  7. Ensures strategic, tactical and operational conversations at the right time by the right people.

  8. Facilitated by a Mobile App or White Board.

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