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A high-impact employee engagement and change readiness programme. If people don't think differently, they won't do differently.


YOUnite helps employees make rapid mental and behavioural shifts required for high-performance.

It creates:


  • Self-confident and empowered individuals

  • Awareness of business and labour’s ‘intertwined destiny’

  • Understanding of the business profit model, value-chain and success drivers

  • Unified direction and alignment to goals

  • Regular goal-setting and progress evaluation

  • Optimism, ownership, collaboration and agility

  • Mental and emotional ties to the business.

In three key steps:

What makes this programme unique?

  • Customised to align to your vision, values and goals

  • Uses innovative change models

  • Develops a critical mass of people as change agents

  • Builds a strong foundation for the long term

  • Enhanced by *TeamConnect, a proven methodology and vehicle for change, performance and team health

  • Internalises diversity and inclusion as a strength.

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