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Rectron go from good to great

Rectron is a dynamic, innovative, and rapidly growing South African ICT company. Established in 1995, Rectron strives to be the company of choice for its customers, vendors and employees alike. Their flexibility, agility and client focus have ensured their success in the fast-paced, highly competitive digital universe and positioned them as industry innovators.

The Opportunity

Rapid growth highlighted the need for Rectron to develop a ‘behavioural blueprint’

underpinned by shared values.

Wanting to make their people a part of the conversation, they required a process that would activate their values through collaboration and alignment. Through this, Rectron was able to shape their core values, unpack the bahaviours that each of these embodied and define the expectations for different job levels. This values-led approach would be key in taking Rectron from good to GREAT!

Our Performance Solution

After engaging with Rectron to fully understand their needs, we set about crafting a solution to meet them, drawing on elements of our high-performance formula. With nearly 30 years of application and testing, this effective model is built on the notion that performance is a culture and acts as a blueprint to create your business’s ‘way of doing things’.

1. Aligned Direction

Strategic alignment is a critical enabler in creating a culture of collaboration. Every role player in the business needs to have a crystal-clear understanding of where the business is going, what they are responsible for, what their outputs are, and how success is measured.

An innovative process with Rectron’s Executive Team ensured a practical, achievable strategy, beautifully articulated in a hand-drawn strategy map. This will be highly visible across all operations in the business.

2. Performance & Culture Alignment

Values Workshops

Rectron didn’t want their new values to sit on the wall. They wanted every employee to live them. To achieve this, we designed Values Co-creation workshops that engaged all employees in unpacking the values and giving them meaning.

Embracing and living values, many of which are abstract, can be challenging for employees – even if they have co-created them. It was, therefore, also important to translate the values into behaviours, giving employees a clear understanding of the types of behaviours they should model.

It also makes it easier for Rectron to measure how those values are being lived.

Launching the strategy map and values

A special launch was planned to sustain the momentum and inspire buy-in to the strategy and values. This created a great buzz.

The new values form the basis of Rectron’s culture. Although everyone was involved in co-creating them, we wanted to embed them to ensure the values become the cornerstone of how Rectron staff ‘Show Up’ at work.

The launch took place over three days and included gift packs and edible treats.

"We cannot believe how far we’ve come in such a short time," says Learning & Development Manager, Andre Witbooi. "Co-creating the values for our amazing organisation has been awesome. Since the launch, there has been great excitement and commitment from all our teams. 2Collaborate’s dedication to our journey is evident in all aspects of our business. We appreciate their attention to detail and creative approach to bringing our values to life. Thank you 2C, for helping us to jump into action."

The road ahead

2. Visible and Engaging Leadership

Leaders play a critical role in shaping the culture of a business and enabling effective execution of the strategy.

The next phase of the journey focuses on equipping Rectron’s leaders with the skills to build and lead teams that can excel in executing the business strategy.

Underpinned by our high-performance formula, Building High Performance Teams equips leaders to:

  • Set their teams up for success

  • Increase the effectiveness of team meetings

  • Strengthen commitment and engagement

  • Take accountability

  • Lead performance conversations effectively

  • Coach for performance.

3. Engaged Teams that Execute

If people don’t think differently, they don’t do differently.

Our high-impact engagement programme YOUnite will help all Rectron employees to make the mental and behavioural shifts required for high performance. It will also equip them with the skills and tools to sustain the momentum.

It does this by:

  • Creating self-confident and empowered individuals

  • Creating an understanding of the business profit model, value-chain, and success drivers

  • Developing unified direction and alignment to common goals

  • Engaging employees in regular goal setting

  • Creating mental and emotional ties to the business

  • Enhancing optimism, ownership, collaboration and adaptability.

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