Customer research will help your business not only understand your customers, but give you the necessary tools to keep them coming back. A customer satisfaction survey is designed to understand your customer’s reactions and actions regarding your business and employees. From this you are able to correct any identified issues and capitalise on the strengths of your company.

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By targeting employee satisfaction and engagement, your organisation can promote staff retention and create a happy and constructive work environment. Our employee research surveys measure satisfaction, engagement, and commitment of your employees to help improve productivity within your business. Our team designs employee satisfaction and engagement surveys.


Market and product research is an integral aspect of how your business interacts with its customers and how products are designed. Our market and product surveys are an effective way of finding out how a product is perceived by your target market. There are a number of ways to reach consumers through our research channels, including our own social media and online surveys across a broad population sample. We offer fast and accurate results.


eLearning is a ready-to-use solution that improves the learning culture and performance of people in the workplace. Our eLearning not only helps your employees gain more knowledge on the job but also influences their performance and work expertise.

Pure Solutions specialises in researching and assessing your:

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  • Increase engagement by bringing all the voices into the room

  • Encourage team members to give suggestions and offer solutions

  • Get feedback on the ideas you propose

  • Deepen conversations by making it safe for team members to put 'difficult topics' on the table

  • Develop insight into their true perceptions and experiences

  • Break the ice and create instant involvement by starting the conference with a quiz

  • Use the app to get an instant picture of who is in the room (organisations, roles, job levels etc)

  • Engage with your audience through live Q & A sessions

  • Poll your audience on the topic under discussion to get a quick glimpse of their needs and perceptions

  • Make evaluations easy and transparent

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  • Ask topic relevant questions before, during or after a session to test knowledge & understanding

  • Encourage shy or quiet learners to interact via the app

  • Create quick 'temperature checks' to gauge how well their learning needs are being met

  • Make sure you answer their questions adequately through the live Q&A option

  • Enable instant evaluation of the course – reduce post training paperwork

  • Gather instant feedback from your customers

  • Provide an easy platform for capturing and recording data

  • Anonymous use prompts honest responses and true feedback

  • Develop insight into true perceptions and experiences

  • Near real-time measurement of employee engagement and satisfaction

  • Improve audience engagement

  • Increase positive company culture

  • Encourage your audience to focus on topical subjects

  • Encourage open communication





SnapVote is a specialised Online Q&A, voting and polling platform:


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