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“I engaged 2Collaborate during my tenure as CEO of Fundi with a hugely positive effect that was partly responsible for the financial turnaround of the business.
Knowing what they are capable of,
I have engaged their services again to assist us to reposition the culture and employee value proposition of Private Property. The results to far are very positive.“


"2Collaborate is Premier's preferred and have played a significant role in our business strategy execution by providing the basis for "The Premier Way" - a method of leading and managing our business to deliver value to our customers, our employees, shareholders and stakeholders."


"TeamConnect by 2Collaborate is an awesome tool that has shaped and reiterated our culture as a business. It has also given every employee an opportunity to engage and participate in making our business awesome."


"Tjaart has the unique ability to quickly grasp the challenges at hand and then facilitate workshops and discussions to find the solutions and create strategic alignment in the business. Tjaart is very transparent and direct in his approach to doing business and therefore ensures the commercial principles do not get in the way of making the right business decision."


"With 2Collaborate's invaluable help we defined our roadmap to Operational Excellence. This journey set up the platform for transforming our culture, increasing our employee engagement and implementing a structured communication strategy across all levels. We have experienced the highest level of customer service and delivery."


"The training and knowledge imparted during the Strategy, Culture, and Engagement sessions by 2Collaborate team has been invaluable in assisting the business to grow and transform in a rapidly changing work environment."


"2Collaborate have been leading our Change Management, Culture Development, Internal Branding and Internal Communication since 2019. I'm really satisfied."


"The 2Collaborate team is highly skilled, accommodating and passionate about what they do. This has contributed largely to the success of our strategically designed People Project. I would recommend them to any business looking to intentionally build their people and organisation."


"We commissioned the build of a BI solution for our Digital Campus business, which required the automation of multiple data points into a single and integrated reporting capability.
Lead by Hennie, the team delivered a world-class solution that delivers real time data, which we continue to use in reshaping our approach to market. It has been nothing short of a pleasure engaging this young professional who truly value the question of partnership and delivering value."